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Artist Statement



I am an Irish abstract artist based in Bray Co. Wicklow. I spent 4 years in Lisbon and was introduced to visual arts in the University of Lisbon. I began taking friends back to the garage I was living in after nights out and we would paint as a group. This spurred my interest in abstract art. I began teaching fluid art workshops in Porto where I spent a further year. 


My interests include travel, physics, history, photography, videography, architecture, economics, natural world, and psychology. I like to express these interests through painting.
The fast drying properties of acrylic paint lend themselves to my fast moving painting technique. I use washes and glazes to generate nuances of form and variations of hues through the semi transparent layers below. I like to work with tetradic, split-complementary and triad colour combinations and pull contrast out from the lower layers for a dramatic and deep vibrancy. 
My art has themes of the 4th dimension, motion and human connection. 
My art can be found with local and international art collectors (Cardiff, Prague, Lisbon, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Vienna, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai..)  and in local and international commercial spaces such as Finnbees coffee house (Bray) The Base Co-working space (Lisbon) and The Beacon Hospital (Dublin)
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