Abstract art for interior design

Abstract art for interior design

How to use abstract art in any room

Abstract art is also called nonobjective art because it does not try to represent an accurate portrayal of anything real. The term abstract means to remove, and this type of art differs from the major elements that are natural in paintings. Elements like color, line, shape, and subject matter are diminished, and the artist portrays them in indistinct forms.

Using abstract expressionism in any room gives it the power to make a few changes from the look to the room's feel. Just like with many other forms of art, abstract art makes you have a particular feeling when you enter the room or see it in any place. It aims to be interpreted according to the individual’s experiences and memories.

Have a colourful point of focus

An over sized piece of art will create a focal point in any room. You will have an open-ended subject matter that is eye-catching and also a great conversation starter. No matter the paint you choose, abstract expressionism draws focus from most other things in the room and makes it all about the art.

Choosing a colorful painting makes it all worthwhile because it will also brighten up any dull room in an instant. Find a place with large-scale paintings, use one large painting for one large wall and give the room a specific feel.


Use more than one painting.

Think in pairs when you are using abstract expressionism to create a mood in a room. An ample space can accommodate two paintings easily and give a room a variety of moods. It does not matter whether you prefer traditional, rustic, or modern art because these paintings are timeless.

Create a gallery look in one area of the home, like in the hallway or an otherwise dull corner. Cool paintings will look more inviting and relaxing in one area, and you should not overcrowd the space with too many bright paintings.


Go bold

Abstract art is a bold painting, and you should not be afraid to go bold when using it in a room. You will be able to make a statement with the area to create a different kind of energy in the room. Depending on what mood you want for the room, you can choose a monochromatic piece or a wild splatter that will give it upbeat energy. You might also need to color block when decorating, for example, using a painting with several different colors on it.


Try to contrast with other paintings and decor

Give your room a completely different feel and look when you combine traditional art and modern art. When you are using this technique, consider using a limited color pallet so that it remains cohesive. Mix size but keep a calm color tone no matter the size of the room or wall. Use modern fixtures and lighting next to traditional paintings and porcelain, and watch the difference it makes in your room.

No matter how you decide to use abstract painting to decorate a room, keep it clean and straightforward. It is possible to use color in any area without making it look too busy.



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